Have you ever thought of just packing a bag and getting on the next flight out of town?

Well, we think about it every day  😊

Where is our place in this world? What are things we believe to be truths? Does our existence help or change anything? Does that really matter? Is freedom still the most important thing to us? If not, what is? What makes us happy? What do we want to change? How do other people feel? How do other people live? What’s important to them? We want to discover it all!

We met each other back in 2007 and since the first moment our biggest passion was traveling. We live in Madrid and both of us work in corporate business. Me as a banker, sports betting manager and now salesman and Maja as a marketer. And as much as we love our jobs, we also love to take a break…😊

This blog started a few years ago when we decided to leave everything behind and go backpacking around SE Asia. We bought one way ticket and took off… sky was the limit!

This experience changed us, changed the way we see the world and the people. It was the most fulfilling, beautiful, exciting and unforgettable adventure. Now, many kilometers, planes, trains, cities, jungles, temples, desserts, beaches and plenty of new friends later, we’re again back to reality… but not done with travelling (once you try it you just can’t stop, believe me 😉). And you know what they say, the best is yet to come! So, here’s to adventure!!!

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